Hobby: Oriha Shouptik blends creativity with technology to generate graphic art

DEHians are not just experts of the written form but also excel in other forms of artistic expression. One such student is Oriha Shouptik, who uses technology to make her imagination come alive. Our subeditor
Nusrat Fatimah Islam Maha interviews Oriha to get to know more about her passion, her hobby.

  1. What started your artistic streak?

Ever since I learned how to grip a pencil, I’ve been doodling. Every child has a phase where they love to draw for whatever reason. I personally just never grew out of that phase.

2. How did you first come to learn about graphic art?

I knew there was such a thing as graphic art since very young, I used to draw things using Microsoft Paint on our Windows XP, my parents would encourage this. Compared to creating art with different textures of different medium with far more control, this felt too restrictive so I stopped at around the age of 10. Few years later, in my teens, I came across communities of people that enjoyed the same books that I did online, and there I saw a far greater collection of digital art.

3. What or who inspired you to become interested in this?

It was a simple frustration that inspired my interest in digital art. A key part of being an artist for me is having an audience and getting some feedback. Being the introvert I was, I couldn’t show my art to that many people, and even few of them would feel as strongly about the things I’d draw as I did because they were surrounding very specific interests of mine.

The solution would be to share my work amongst the online communities I was a part of. But although I felt like my art was decent enough to be worth sharing online within the communities of people that like the same stories I do, I found it near impossible to scan my art to a satisfactory quality. Both the cameras we had were insufficient, and I also have a very hard time taking photographs. This had me thinking it would be much easier if I could just create the art on a digital file to begin with, that way I wouldn’t have to take something tangible and then struggle to make a soft copy of it so I could upload it online and share it with like minded people with the least amount of hassle. I decided to learn an entirely new media or art just to avoid the hassle of taking picture of my art after I’m done, and I know it sounds contradictory, but in the long run, it did make it easier for me.

”This artwork depicts a Queen wielding dual daggers. She is feminine and strong and a fighter that united her continent.”

A more minor inspiration was how utterly convenient digital art was in comparison to traditional art. No equipments to clean and take care of, nothing to prepare before painting, the “paint” won’t dry, I can undo mistakes, etc.

4. Has there been any major realisations that you have had through this interest?

I realised that I have an affinity for observing aspects of how things look that a lot of other people don’t. Even if there’s a point where I don’t draw or paint for a long time, when I’d get back to it, I somehow always have improved despite the lapse in practice. That’s because without realising or trying to develop this skill, I have a habit of always seeing something I find pleasing or interesting through the lens of  “how would I draw this?” and observe with a more keen eye. I realised how important this skill is when on Youtube video tutorials on how to improve art, one of the most common advice is to develop one’s observational skills and habits.

Another important thing I realised was that with art, there truly is no one true correct and right way of doing things. Some rules, grammar and techniques might need to be maintained but it is very possible to thrive in your own unique way.

Finally, talent is never enough. On its own talent will always be overshadowed by hard work and dedication.

”This artwork depicts a girl who is tired and weary but prevailed nonetheless, as shown as the crown floating above her head.”

5. How have you improved?

Observation, trial and error, and focusing on improving my weaknesses in art one by one. Everything pleasing about my art was developed by my efforts.

6. Is there anything you like to do when you are graphic designing? Anything that inspires you? A song, movie, etc.

Anything that evokes a strong emotion in me through either emotional impact or the sheer beauty of it inspires me. As for what I like to do when I paint: I like to either listen to podcasts, discussions or video essays, or I listen to music I like while also expanding on the fictional universes I have in my head by playing around with my imagination. A lot of my artistic process is very repetitive, so I like to keep my mind occupied to stay focused.

7. What kind of things do you usually like to draw?

I like drawing people, light, objects or moments of emotional significance.

8. Are there any platforms where you have found a community for this passion?

I share my work on the following platforms: Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Art Station and Deviant Art. As an artist I go by azuremiwae and/or Oriha Shouptik on these platforms.

Interview by
Nusrat Fatimah Islam Maha

”This artwork depicts a girl wading through a pond with fishes following in her trails as she clears through the roots of waterlilies. This is to show she is paving the way.”