(Poem) My sky is Purple

I have always wondered about the thousand colors

Those palettes contain with different shades, 

Every color has portrayed various intents

And they differ with countless schemes of grades. 

Which particular color does personify me

Something that transpire as brawny yet subtle,

Has elusive although distinctive essence

Is nothing other than the grandeur Purple.

The light and dark shades paint in my canvas

The light one as whimsical fantasy,

Often dark ones stain the sky with compassion

As reality is way too relatable to fallacy. 

The Lavender Jade is rare and alluring

As the Venus Goddess of love and desire, 

In bright Regal Purple thus Jacaranda blooms

Whose beauty is as deadly as grasp of fire.

Wisteria the climbing vine with Mauve and Lilac

The Magenta brewing in Morning Glory

Have offered me with calmness of heart,

Like my mother telling me bedtime story. 

As a hopeless romantic, I wander in my sky

With snuggling warmth in my purple heart,

Often sorrow covers as clouds of blues,

And tear like rains as thousand drops apart.

All the shades of the palette blushes with hue,

Like green fields sheath in morning dew, 

And our lives goes on in these colors of circle

But amity remains within, as my sky is Purple.

By Sejuti Islam Proma