Sofia Zafrin Evana, a DEH student, is highly interested in checking out foods around each and every corner of the country. Let’s see what she has to say about her love for food – an interview taken by Noor Ahmed Rafi.


Hello! What is your name?

Hello! My name is Sofia Zafrin Evana.


That is nice name, where do you study at present?

Thank you very much. I am now studying at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.


 That is quite a well-reputed place to study in. Which semester are you in at the present?

It sure is a great University. I am a student of 6th semester now and wish to go on till the end.


Very well. Now, I would like to ask you this- are you a food-lover?

-I am very happy you asked me this question. Food for me is life and what gives me plenty of happiness. It also helps to rejuvenate the spirit. I am one of the happiest food-lovers you may come across if I might go so far as to say.


Interestingly put. Now what are the different kinds of food you would prefer for yourself?

-Well, when it comes to food, I like to try different types and cultural cuisines. The sky is the limit. In terms of taste I would prefer spicy as well as sweet. I have quite a sweet tooth and so the sweeter the better. I will not deny sour foods but do enjoy tamarind and other sour candies from time to time.Fried foods are very much appealing to me- ranging from street vendors to classy places. Grilled delicacies are also an absolute yum to my pallet. These are only a few and I can go on for ever about this.


Very fascinating. Can you tell us a bit about your food experience inside our Dhaka city?

-Well certainly. There are several restaurants and spots which are my personal favourites for chilling and eating great food at reasonable pricing. To name some of the best, I can tell you about Perk n Smirk restaurant in Dhanmondi with the absolute best glazed chicken wings and mini veggie rolls. Then there is the fantastic Yumminion in Khilgaon, which houses not only the best hanging pasta and kebab, but also some mind blowing pizzas as well. Another amazing place with mouth-watering delicacies is the Chillox. Not only do they taste like euphoria, we also have the option to order further add-ons like extra bacon, cheese, buns and other surprises. These are just some cool places which make life amazing to live honestly.


You really are into it! Do you know of some other places in Dhaka with mind boggling food and of different taste and style other then those you have already mentioned?

-That is easy to tell. Crimson Cup Coffee is a Café with coffee that tastes no less then legendary.There is always Cooper’s Bakery with cakes so good that it melts my heart every time I take a bite. Tasty Treat has many exotic looking and grand sweets of many shapes, sizes and sweetness too. Lastly, there is always the good old CP Fried Chicken with the most crispy and delicious chicken cuisines at a cheap price.


I am quite impressed. Surely you have travelled outside of Dhaka in search of different foods as well?

-Well of course I have. I have been to Sylhet and tried the famous 7 layered tea- every layer being of a different flavour which do not mix together surprisingly. I went to Saint Martin and tried the local seafood like grilled lobsters, fried crabs, cooked salted water fishes and many others which are so good. I have also been to Bogura and tried their popular curd made out of pure and dense milk from the most well fed cattle. I also tried many of the different regional pithas which still remain very much like sweet memories in my mind till date.


 I do wish to know very much that if you were given a chance to choose a country for the sole purpose of choosing their food, which one will you prefer and why?

-Quite a challenging question I must say. But I think I will be narrowing down my answer to France. The French have the most diverse culture and tradition when it comes to food- dating back hundreds of years. Not to mention the level of variants in their food menu is amazingly vast and seemingly endless. Ranging from the French onion soup, beef bourguignon, duck confit- to the French croissants, salad nicoise, coupled with a beautiful scenario of Paris if possible, the mouth gushing list is endless.


A final question- also may seem somewhat contradictory to our current topic at hand- do you believe in a healthy diet free from any junk and harmful flavourings?

-It sounds like a perfectly good question to me. My answer is and will always be- yes. A healthy diet is something which must be the ultimate goal of any man or woman- be them a foodie or not. It is quite necessary for a person to maintain a great diet for longevity of health and a strong body. But that should not hinder us from trying out all the beautiful and “forbidden sins” of the culinary world, should it? I mean, one should maintain a perfect diet and at the same time, enjoy and explore as much as they can. You got one life, after all!

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