Noor Ahmad Rafi, hailing from DEH, finds anything that is beyond the usual perception of human beings quite fascinating and worth one’s serious attention. Let’s see what makes him think so- an interview taken by Sofia Zafrin Evana.



What is your name?

-The name is Noor Ahmad Rafi.


Ok, so where are you currently studying?

-I am currently studying English in ULAB.


So which semester are you in at present?

-I am now a 5th semester student with a lot on my plate- honestly speaking.


I want to ask you- do you believe in paranormal activities or supernatural entities-if at all?

-I am glad you asked me that. I do have quiet a massive interest in the dark arts and supernatural occurrences. I believe that there are mysterious powers at work all around us in the world, and what we cannot see does not mean it never existed. So I am very much interested in finding a taste of that realm.


You sound quite enthusiastic about these matters, would you be kind enough to share some of your experiences with us?

-I sure will. There was this one time when I was a teenager and visited my native home in Kishorganj. Me and two of my Cousins were relaxing on the roof of my uncle’s house. We would stay up late and play card games and tell stories about our lives to each other. This one night, it was particularly late, and my cousins hurried off to bed while I stayed back for a while to search for my phone, which I had apparently left around me somewhere. All of a sudden it got hopefully quiet around me and I looked around in amazement. Quite curiously, I happen to look up at the sky and just for a few fleeting moments, saw a burst of bright, dazzling green light shoot across the night sky. It happened so fast and so dramatically that I was standing there dumbstruck, pondering upon what I had seen. I am not sure if it was a UFO or any other supernatural being or object taking flight, but I can tell you this much that whatever I had seen that night dart off into the night sky was not a common sight to the ordinary eyes.

There was this other time when a few of my Daredevil friends and I would go up and out to a Christian graveyard in Mirpur late at night. What started out as a fun ghost hunting adventure turned out to be a total nightmare as I was completely lost amidst all the graves. I could not see anyone, nor they could see me, and I felt like I was literally walking around in a maze. I could see the light from the church in the middle of the graveyard, but no matter how far and fast I walked, I felt like I was not getting anywhere at all. It was at this point that I could hear voices whispering in my head- beckoning me to stay amidst the graves and not move any further towards the light and just be in the darkness. I felt very thirsty and afraid. Luckily, I could finally reach the church and collapsed from exhaustion and fear. It was an experience like none other for me. What caused me to get lost or even take so long to reach a church in the middle of a small graveyard is beyond my knowledge, it felt like an experience from a different dimension even.


They sounded like quite amazing experiences to me- were you not scared?

-I was very scared actually. The moment, the scenario, the things that anyone could hear and feel and experience is beyond words especially during those times. The fear I felt in those situations where of such pure intensity that I still get goose bumps when I recall them to this day.

Well, that was very interesting and spine-tingling at the same time. Did you happen to have this sort of fascination with this unusual hobby of yours when you were young?

That was an interesting question. Yes, I had this fascination with the things unseen ever since I was very young. Long before I was a teenager. Cartoons and other movies which involved horror, sci-fi and whatnots would be my common means of entertainment when I was a kid. I used to draw ghosts, demons, devils and other horrific creatures during my leisure times. I would also buy toys that represented creepy creatures in all features and manners too.


What truly inspired you to investigate and get involved in these strange matters so intensely?

-Well, to be honest, Criss angel is an important figure of inspiration for me till date. Other paranormal researchers and teams like Ghost hunters, Red Barrel team and Akira Toriyama are major driving forces to my interest.

Do you wish to explore other places regarding these concepts in the near future?

Absolutely, yes. Every moment and every opportunity that I might get- I will usefully to explore further and delve into greater depths regarding matters of supernatural investigation and paranormal activities.

Ok, that was quite interesting. On an end note, can you name us some books or suggest movies which are based on paranormal activities?

Sure, some famous books that I have read and found quite interesting are- Bam Stoker’s Dracula, Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House and Stephen King’s The Shining.

As for movies, the Grudge series, Jacob’s Ladder, Psycho, The Exorcist, and many more are out there which are very good and amazing movies at the same time- for ones who seek a great scare!

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