Of Movies and Money


  • Anika Saba Graduate Student of English, University of Dhaka




The commercial aspect of the film industry is becoming more prominent than its artistic concern in the global community. As a representation of the American film industry, the biggest film industry in the world, this paper will study the commercial aspects of the comic-based superhero movie The Avengers. Superhero movies often prove blockbuster hits and make mind-boggling amounts of money even though they have very loose plots and little artistic value besides the use of special effects. Here, I will discuss Frederic Jameson’s critique of postmodernism for promoting schlock or kitsch and for being pro-capitalist. The paper will talk about the cultural implications of these Hollywood blockbusters and the money-making processes beyond the tickets sale such as gaming, toys and other merchandise. It will argue that the film industry has become the biggest cultural industry today run by media moguls and capitalist giants in the light of Stuart Hall’s notes on popular culture. Finally, I hope to show that mainstream or popular movies make more money now because they are part of a hegemonic culture created by certain power groups.




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Saba, A. . (2015). Of Movies and Money. Crossings: A Journal of English Studies, 6(2), 93–98. https://doi.org/10.59817/cjes.v6i.195