True Blue:

Continuum of the Fourth Reich Culture


  • Kasfia Yasmin Anwa Lecturer, Department of English, Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur



gaze, panopticon, Fourth Reich, racism, true blue, beauty and ugliness


Most people, anywhere in the world, are obsessed with fair complexion, blue eyes, and blonde hair. Those who are educated are aware of the politics behind this even if they have a fascination for fair skin, consciously or unconsciously. This obsession does nothing good to mankind. It creates a kind of inferiority complex which hinders the ultimate development of human civilization and because of this many individuals fail to achieve success despite their potential. The imposed ugliness on Pecola Breedlove finally leads her to insanity in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye. This paper critically analyzes how Pecola’s insanity ultimately represents the miserable condition of the larger part of the population trapped in an inferiority complex on account of this myth of “gaze” and politics of white ideologies. It shows how the “Fourth Reich Culture” is nurtured throughout the world even after the defeat of the third German Reich. No doubt that the British have spread this concept of White supremacy through their process of colonization but if a deep analysis is done then it will be seen that they took up this concept mainly from the Germans who claim that they are the true blue blood and, in consequence, this is nothing but a continuation of the “Fourth Reich.” The Germans have been defeated in World War II but they are alive and kicking in spreading and establishing their concept of Aryan supremacy.




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