Demotivation in English Language Courses:

Exploration of Reasons and Suggestions


  • Nasreen Sultana Senior Lecturer, Department of English and Humanities, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh



The study aims to find out the factors of demotivation, which hinder the learning of the students in English language courses in Bangladesh. Even after learning English as a compulsory subject for twelve years in schools, students enter into university with a poor knowledge of English. Eventually, most of the students are found to be demotivated in the fundamental English language courses at the tertiary level and usually teachers are blamed for the demotivation of the learners. However, teachers might not be the sole reason for making the students unwilling to learn. This study assumes that often students are demotivated to learn because of their own barriers, which is sometimes psychological. They do not learn because of their unwilling nature towards studies. For the purpose of the research, data were obtained through structured long interviews both with the students studying at the tertiary level and the English language teachers teaching them. Afterwards, findings and necessary solutions are offered.




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Sultana, N. (2014). Demotivation in English Language Courses:: Exploration of Reasons and Suggestions. Crossings: A Journal of English Studies, 4, 209–215.