Impact of Personality on English Language Learning in Bangladesh


  • Tahmina Anwar Lecturer, Department of English and Humanities, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh



This paper is a report on a study which attempts to examine the relationship that exists between personality and English language learning. The Myer-Briggs Personality Type Indicator was used to carry out the research. The study sample was made up of twenty students with varying personality types who were doing their third foundation course in English at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. Standardized spoken and written tests were used in the research to see if there is any relation between personalt1t type and English language learning. The study shows that variations in the personality traits of students positively or negatively affect English language learning. This paper also investigated what students think about their teachers’ personality and how it affects their personality and English language learning success.




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Anwar, T. (2014). Impact of Personality on English Language Learning in Bangladesh. Crossings: A Journal of English Studies, 4, 145–159.