Bridging Language Policy and English Language Teaching in the Chinese Context:

Recent Developments and Future Path




language policy, English language teaching, double reduction policy, English as a medium of instruction


With the increasing role of English as a global language, teaching and learning of that language have become a focal point of instruction around the world. Against this background, China has followed the global trend of implementing various language-related policies and practice decisions. This conceptual paper first provides a brief historical overview of language policy in the Chinese context. Given the importance of compulsory education and tertiary education in China, this article links the previous language policy to the recent development of the Double Reduction policy and English as a medium of instruction in relation to English language teaching (ELT). This paper also discusses the culture, ideology, and identity issues involved in ELT in China. It ends by arguing the importance of reflecting on the current situation of language policy and ELT in the Chinese context against the backdrop of globalization. It also suggests that foreign language policy and ELT practice decisions, in China and other countries, should be guided and informed by more robust empirical teaching and research results.




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Xu, Y., & Fang, F. (2022). Bridging Language Policy and English Language Teaching in the Chinese Context:: Recent Developments and Future Path. Crossings: A Journal of English Studies, 13(2), 161–174.