Motivation in Digital Learning:

Understanding Serendipitous EFL Learning through Cyberspace


  • Nusrat Zahan Chowdhury Lecturer, Department of English, Bangladesh University of Professionals, Dhaka
  • Mohammed Mizanur Rashid Senior Lecturer, Department of English, East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh



motivation, cyberspace, serendipitous learning


The arrival of digital tools has the potential to profoundly influence learners of English as a foreign language in our country and this paper offers an account of how these proceedings may work. The focus of the study is to recognize how, in terms of English language learning, the teaching-learning environment can be created in cyberspace and how it could function with special emphasis on serendipitous learning. The paper then aims to explore the role of motivation in learning the English language from the perspective of Bangladeshi EFL learners. Later, the paper introduces a mechanism of inspiring the less motivated learners by concentrating on unconscious and semiconscious learning through utilizing tools in cyberspace. The study is based on data collected from a number of students from five public and private universities of Bangladesh. The research employs both qualitative and quantitative approaches by analyzing both questionnaire responses and one-on-one interviews.




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Chowdhury, N. Z. ., & Rashid, M. M. . (2018). Motivation in Digital Learning:: Understanding Serendipitous EFL Learning through Cyberspace. Crossings: A Journal of English Studies, 9, 140–150.




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