Impacts of an Exchange Program on In-Service English Language Teachers




teaching practices, exchange programs, in-service teacher education, cultural awareness


Studies involving pre-service English language teachers have shown positive effects of exchange programs. However, to date, no research has focused on the impact of teach-abroad exchange programs involving in-service English language teachers. This study investigated the impacts of an exchange program on in-service English language teachers. Twenty exchange program alumni completed a survey focused on the impact of the exchange, and five of those twenty participated in follow-up interviews. Most of the participants reported developing professionally and personally as a result of participating in the exchange program. In terms of professional development, many participants reported having developed a deeper awareness of their teaching practices, and many indicated increased flexibility and adaptability in their teaching practices. The overall impacts included a deeper sense of cultural awareness and an expanded worldview. The results suggest that participation in an exchange program can be a useful form of professional development for in-service English language teachers.




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Sowell, J. (2022). Impacts of an Exchange Program on In-Service English Language Teachers. Crossings: A Journal of English Studies, 13(2), 146–160.