An Ode To My Light

By Afrida Lubaba Khan

In the stillness of the night, you quietly departed,
Similar to the moonlight, vanishing and leaving me broken-hearted.
Will you come back, my love, and illuminate the night sky,
Radiating a brilliance even more intense than before, up high?

I observe your essence in the gentle moonlight’s embrace,
Leaving doors and windows ajar, allowing it to grace.
Yet, it doesn’t reach my soul with the same tender touch,
Leaving me yearning, my emotions in a complex clutch.

Why stay away when you remember the path so well,
To the place where memories and sentiments swell?
Once, you escorted me to my doorstep with care,
Now it stands vacant, and my heart’s left in despair.

This woman craves the warmth of your luminous glow,
A presence in the moonlight, soothing and aglow.
While darkness may lurk outside in the moon’s soft beam,
Within, open doors beckon you into my dream.

Yet, you remain elusive, ignoring my earnest plea,
A lingering memory, haunting and unfree.
Return to me, my love, won’t you please,
You know where I am; our love, a cherished tease.