The Mind’s Eye: Whispers of the Unseen

By Tarannum Ahmed

Autumn leaves rustling
A symphony of crunching footsteps
Cold winds caressing the skin so faintly
Fragrance of the seasons changing
Fingers tracing along the trees,
A tactile dance

Unseen hues coupled with mosaic scents
A perfume of the earth’s dampness
An artistic evolution as summer sheds its cloak
Each step taken, nature’s soft embrace
A painting for the unsighted,
Darkness possesses an eternal hold

Invisible, unfelt affection rendered by the divine
Finding solace in the most cruel fortune
Thoughts left unconveyed, a new language is born
One that has the warmth of harvest’s breath
As autumn’s melodies take an oath
Each unseen tapestry echoes light

How does the heart find its tunes
How does the unseeing admire the shades
Though sight eludes,
Senses sway to the rhythm of foliage
Though sight eludes,
These visions have never been more vivid