Unbound: Voices in the Babble

Tower of Babble, the theme for the Fall 2023 issue of MUSE, asked us to revisit the biblical tale of the Tower of Babel and use it as a metaphor to understand the role of communication and language. Just like the tower in the narrative, every student voice at DEH acts like a brick to construct the identity of MUSE. The foundation of this structure lies in the voices of its beloved subeditors. The seven write-ups below serve as seven voices in the universal babble as well as seven founding bricks for this issue of MUSE. Click on each title to enjoy the piece.

“Universal Voices: A Tower of Babel Resurrected through Language” by Abrar Farhan Zaman

“A Study of Apologies” by Sabah Srishty Rahman

“Unspoken words” by Mohammed Talal

“Her Tale” by Sumaiya Swati Udita

“Individuality Echoes” by Nusrat Jahan Esa

“An Ode To My Light” by Afrida Lubaba Khan

“The Mind’s Eye: Whispers of the Unseen” by Tarannum Ahmed